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When it comes to strategic organizational change, the 4 performance disciplines can never be ignored because it is a change. A leader must have two main qualities if he wants to influence others. First, the strategy is usually known as your plan and the other is the ability to execute it successfully. Unfortunately, the biggest mistake of the leaders is to fight more in the region with the least execution. This area is the execution because it is very difficult and requires maximum concentration. The reason for the failure of execution is the fact that we try to do my things once. We need to be more specific when it comes to achieving goals. Achieving excellence results in focusing on extremely important energies. For this, well-defined goals are the first step to achieve anything. Clarity is essential because it helps us to delve deeper into all the contributing factors and to focus on what is needed to achieve an extremely important goal. In any type of business, a well-defined strategy is essential to success. Draw the course and give the address. But the greatest concern of strategists is that strategic goals never take off because they drown for all other competing interests.

Indeed, some goals require more focus and dedication than others. But we must learn to prioritize and differentiate what is extremely important from what is slightly important. The inability to achieve an extremely important goal leads to regrets, guilt, resentment and, in fact, negative emotions that surface. One of the main problems we face is that the real enemy of our success is the whirlwind. It’s your daily work, what you do regularly. This regular basic work consumes a vital amount of our vital energy to maintain its daily functioning and, ironically, it is also what makes it so difficult to perform something new. Our clarity about things must be something we do regularly. The goals we have set for progress are important, but between urgency and important task, the urgency always wins. We have been designed to prioritize urgent issues. Sometimes we lose ourselves to all these things and forget our important goals in our lives that leave our success behind.

It is up to you to choose whether you refer to it as a strategy, an improvement effort or an objective; Any action taken as a leader to advance your team is divided into two categories. First, try to get something by order or permission and the second is the behavior change, which is actually quite difficult. Behavioral change requires a lot of effort and a clear focus, attention and determination. The most important thing clarifies our focus on the steps we will take to achieve its goal.

If we can execute despite being stuck in a whirlpool, it means that we not only minimize the distractions, but also in the state where “this has always been done”. If we do not pay attention to the urgency, it can kill us today. However, it is also true that if we ignore the important thing, it can kill us tomorrow. In other words, if with our team we work only in the whirlwind, we will not all progress and our energies will be wasted if we simply try to stay upwind. The real challenge comes when we have to reach our most important goals when we are caught in a whirlwind.

Each of us is busy doing most of the routine tasks that we feel are most needed in our lives. Therefore, we must trust each other and move on because we are the only ones who can do it.

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