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Often, a person who excels in a specific field will probably not be the same in another field. Which means that we, humans, by design, are different from each other. For example, a person who progresses in an academic and professional career constantly fails to control his emotional state. In our lives, we face challenges and often find ourselves in small problems. Where we think life is completely compromised. We continue to face the challenges and, in response, we continue to repeat the same actions, generation after generation, as we designed them.

Research states that sometimes we are motivated by high energy, but that our mind is not ready because it is always lagging behind in certain skills, called executive skills. Therefore, we always do our best to meet the expectations of others. Research shows that acquiring certain skills can improve performance. As a result, it is easy to make quick decisions and solve problems. Executive skills are an area that not only contributes to improving overall performance, but also allows us to organize in our lives and prepare to face our challenges. Neuroscientists believe that executive skills already exist in our brain, which means we have the necessary equipment. These are innate in us. The term is derived from the word “executive,” which involves performing more difficult tasks such as business management, finance, planning and other aspects of communication.

As it is established that these skills exist in us from the beginning. Executive skills are connected to our brains as well as language. These skills are also present as a potential in our brain from the beginning and over time, as this area of ​​the brain develops, we refine these skills through training. However, despite the fact that there is executive competition material in us, exposure to certain factors may affect the development of executive skills. These factors include trauma, genetics and finally the role play of our environment and psychosocial stressors.

There are 12 executive skills that have been identified:

  • Inhibition of the response: anticipate the consequences. The ability to think before actions are fulfilled.
  • Working memory: ability to store information in memory, especially during complex tasks
  • Emotional control: control and manage emotions in difficult situations to perform tasks
  • Sustained attention: the ability to maintain attention on a particular task despite other distractions.
  • Start of the task: possibility of starting the task without delay or delay
  • Planning / prioritization: ability to create roadmaps in the mind and then execute them focusing on important tasks and eliminating what is not important.
  • Organization: the ability to track tasks. The organization implies the organization of tasks and the responsibility of their actions.
  • Time management: ability to divide time and manage it effectively. Time management is one of the skills to meet deadlines and deadlines.
  • Direction of the objective: the ability to follow the objective to the finish line. The direction of a goal requires motivation and a complete focus on the goal.
  • Flexibility: the ability to mold according to difficult or changing situations.
  • Metacognition: this ability consists in analyzing a bird’s eye situation.
  • Stress tolerance: the ability to thrive in stressful situations.

Performing executive skills can help our brain create a new neural pathway, which means we can train it to perform these skills. Acquiring these innate abilities can help us change our behavior, focus our goals better and solve the problem quickly in difficult situations. However, the skills of leaders do not exist as a strength for everyone. On the contrary, it is very possible that leadership skills also exist as weakness. One could have a set of executive skills as assets and some as weaknesses. Finally, the goal should be to turn these weaknesses into strengths.

Sometimes, it is quite disappointing not to be able to manage our lives intelligently. Management skills are excellent.

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