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The excuses are very familiar and begin to seem harmless, which partly explains their dangerousness. Apologies are not real problems; The real problems are under the excuses and are more serious. Apologies are like the tip of an iceberg! For all that we see, there is much more than we do not see.

An excuse is a safe and secure lie. These innocent behaviors are the real poisons at home, at work and in society in general. Together, they form the culture in which the creation of excuses can exist. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between excuses and reasons, because borders are often mixed and unclear. The secret to eliminating excuses is to act with foresight rather than retrospectively. Since the excuse is a silent killer, and it is a deadly disease that creeps slowly, called excusite.

Like no one likes to suffer, be it physical, mental or emotional. In these moments, excuses can help a person feel better. This is how human beings use their psychological defense mechanisms against pain. The excuses arise from the feeling of non-well-being.

Apologies are the common denominator of all major problems. They make it almost impossible to achieve the desired results! The good news is that excuses can be quantified, measured and eliminated. There are three ways to see the relationship between two or more things, including excuses. The relationship can be causal, coincidental or coexistent, also called systemic. Leadership is the starting point for all progress to eliminate excuses.

Any plan, like a chain, is as strong as its weakest link. The planning process has two broad categories: long-term planning and short-term planning. The property helps to get rid of the excuses. When the excuse is reduced by 1%, the progression of the results increases by 10%.

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