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Addiction is the disease of addiction is a medical illness characterized by its chronic nature, progressive and fatal. The victim is compulsively and repeatedly involved in research, drug use, as well as negative outcomes and repeated suffering, not only for the suffering patient, but for his family as well. As in most cases, the decision to take the drug for the first time is voluntary; Later, when it becomes addictive, it is a serious test and hampers the ability of drug addicts to resist cravings and the need for drugs.

Insidious in its nature and its evolution, addiction is widely recognized by patients and doctors as a sneaky and disconcerting disease. In addition, he has the means to defend himself against the resistance. Despite all the negative changes it causes in the life of a patient and his loved ones (change from a nice person to a hostile person, turning to a perfect gentleman who ends up becoming an ugly and violent individual) , the drug continues and a vicious circle

Drug addiction is a biological disorder of metabolism due to rapid drug intake that rapidly disintegrates into toxins (the first step that should have been slow) and the very slow elimination of these toxins. This delay in management leads to an accumulation, therefore to the end intoxication. Intoxication is more than a word of what it is; silently directs a person to a pattern of thought and life based on denial and disappointment. The denial state does not allow the drug user to see the approach of the threat of addiction. It also leads to slow reflexes and weekly responses. Although in such a case, drug addicts may perform routines and routines already acquired at an acceptable minimum level; They can not learn new things or handle instant decisions. This results in unexplained road accidents and accidental aircraft landings (with damaged tires and landing gear). In short, it is because of this poor biological management that addiction occurs. Addition begins in biology and leads to a chain reaction that deteriorates the psychological, social and spiritual realms of a person’s life.

When such a disease occurs, it is mandatory to drink and use drugs to eliminate the pain caused by toxins in the system. This internal blow hits very hard. In such a case, the victim must choose between two things; Get high or cope with music. This is the mystery behind the compulsive and repetitive use of drugs (that is, addiction) that others often confuse with a simple psychological problem. Damn he’s using drugs and fucking if he does not.

Like other chronic diseases; Addiction is a chronic disease. Share a lot with diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc. In addition, it can also be treated with very good excellent. As in these diseases, sometimes a relapse occurs and the patient starts taking medication again. This also occurs when the dependency is not managed by a structured, results-oriented and proven work program. Such problems lead to a deterioration in the morale of the patient’s relatives and reinforce the popular belief that drug addicts and drug addiction can not be treated. Of course, this does not indicate a partial failure of treatment, but indicates that the treatment must be re-established and adjusted to meet the needs of the patient and the disease.

Like other chronic recurring conditions, such as diabetes, asthma or heart disease, addiction can be managed successfully. And as with other chronic diseases, it is not uncommon for a person to relapse and start abusing drugs again. However, a relapse does not indicate a treatment failure, but indicates that the treatment must be re-established or adjusted and help the individual recover.

It’s hard for people to say and find out if someone they love or value is addicted to alcohol or drugs, because that person is almost always willing to do whatever they can to hide the problem. But there are clear and telling signs that something in this respect is terribly wrong. Below is a brief list of early warning signs

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